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The Mountains Sing

Human lives were short and fragile. Time and illnesses consumed us, like flames burning away these pieces of wood. But it didn’t matter how long or short we lived. It mattered more how much light we were able to shed … Continue reading

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Chasing Fireflies

Every now and then you come across a book in which, despite its possible flaws, you can find nothing but beauty. Chasing Fireflies is one such book. First, before getting into anything else, I want to talk about metaphor.  If … Continue reading

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A Man Called Ove

A Man Called Ove is a spectacular novel. It comes from a Swedish author named Fredrik Backman. It is effortlessly brilliant.  It’s at once hilarious, wise, and heartbreaking. The man called Ove is a grumpy curmudgeon who detests the changes … Continue reading

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The Dawn of a New Era

The Fault in Our Stars

Ok, so perhaps that intro is a bit over dramatic, but this is definitely a new chapter in my professional endeavors.  For some time now, I’ve been considering starting a book blog.  Call it divine inspiration, if you will.  Despite my undergraduate experiences with literature written on none other than paper *GASP* I’ve found my Graduate academic career veering ever closer to the technological aspects of libraries.  This is ironic considering the library I currently work in is a proverbial time capsule complete with dusty books and a creaky old microfilm machine. 

I will be using this blog partly as a part of my ISLT class, Emerging Technologies in Libraries, so my devout readers looking for inspiring reading recommendations will have to put up with the occasional tech-oriented post.  Have no fear, you must only endure it until December! 

I don’t believe I will start my book reviews quite yet.  I am saving my first good review for the best modern YA author in the world (ok, this is strictly my opinion and in saying this I am considering authors such as Lois Lowry to be more classic in nature, but I digress.)  John Green, ladies and gentlemen!!!  I will be reviewing his fantastic new book from 2012, “The Fault in Our Stars.” 

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