Welcome! My name is Amy, and I am a librarian, writer, and avid reader in Missouri who has a passion for fiction of all kinds. A Librarian and Her Books is my passion project for reconnecting to the world I love so much, the world of words and the power they have to heal and connect. I’m a lover of the classics and all manner of general fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, horror, YA, and anything else that captures my attention. I love to talk books and I love connecting with other book lovers. I’m also a wife and mom to two perfect kiddos, one in preschool and one in first grade.

Thanks so much for visiting, and I hope to truly connect with my readers and enjoy our shared passion together. Happy Reading!


6 Responses to About

  1. Ziryab says:

    Greatest writer of all times

  2. Louise says:

    Your site popped up in my feed this morning, and wow am I glad! I wanted to thank you for your reviews; I did end up purchasing The Push on Audible. Ever since watching The Bad Seed as a kid, I’ve been fascinated with the malignant child storyline. If you’ve never read it, The Fifth Child is a short but potent story from Doris Lessing. You may enjoy it.


  3. ginnymalbec says:

    Great blog. Great content. I’m a huge fan of librarians. They don’t get nearly the credit they deserve.

    I did want to personally thank you for following my blog, booksandbevs7 on wordpress. I’ve decided to expand my social media footprint (with some trepidation) and have entered the worlds of instagram, pinterest, and tiktok. For more bookish content, literary discussions, and entertainment, you can now follow me on IG: @booksandbevs7 , pinterest: booksandbevs7, and tiktok @ginnymalbec. Thanks again. And happy reading.

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