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Pray For Silence

Let me first preface this review by saying that the number of murder mysteries that I have read number in the singe digits, and the low single digits at that.  And two of those books were by Miss Castillo.  I … Continue reading

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The Fault in Our Stars

I’m proud to make this novel the first of my book reviews.  Though I love a good intricately woven fiction novel geared toward adults, I also love a good (keyword: good) young adult novel.  John Green is by far, in … Continue reading

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The Dawn of a New Era

The Fault in Our Stars

Ok, so perhaps that intro is a bit over dramatic, but this is definitely a new chapter in my professional endeavors.  For some time now, I’ve been considering starting a book blog.  Call it divine inspiration, if you will.  Despite my undergraduate experiences with literature written on none other than paper *GASP* I’ve found my Graduate academic career veering ever closer to the technological aspects of libraries.  This is ironic considering the library I currently work in is a proverbial time capsule complete with dusty books and a creaky old microfilm machine. 

I will be using this blog partly as a part of my ISLT class, Emerging Technologies in Libraries, so my devout readers looking for inspiring reading recommendations will have to put up with the occasional tech-oriented post.  Have no fear, you must only endure it until December! 

I don’t believe I will start my book reviews quite yet.  I am saving my first good review for the best modern YA author in the world (ok, this is strictly my opinion and in saying this I am considering authors such as Lois Lowry to be more classic in nature, but I digress.)  John Green, ladies and gentlemen!!!  I will be reviewing his fantastic new book from 2012, “The Fault in Our Stars.” 

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